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Extrusion Shop Floor Scheduling
A stand-alone cloud or local browser
based extrusion scheduling module designed to interface with an existing
back office business system

SDS Document Management
MSDS Document archive, access and display for chemical distributors or storage with controlled access by and reporting to interested authorities

The Zone RangerTM RFID Apps
Generic and very flexible person, auto, product or object passive proximity detection for checkpoints, doorways, gates, production stations, more

ZoolToolTM Web App Launcher
A web application desktop launcher based on XULrunner/Firefox© an optimal full featured pre-version 41 that supports CSS3 & HTML5

Embedded PDFnexusTM
NPAPI deprecation distinctly limits the functionality of a browser based PDF display, print and email; PDFnexusTM
emulates this functionality again

Global Id ZoneTM
Access & apply RFID tag data globally; Consulting/custom apps; Middleware, integration, analytics; Track people, products, creatures, assets

Objectives Planning
& Consulting

Application & Process
Design & Strategy

Optimize Resources,
Environment & Methods

Software Development,
Management & Integration

Validation, Verification,
Compliance & Review

Implementation & Training

Structure Packaging
& Distribution

Software, Help Desk
& Dynamic Goals Support

Application Diversity
I've designed, developed or produced over 60 diverse desktop, portal and mobile applications across a spectrum of industries.
In our initial engagements with clients, I endeavor to identify existing well fitting alternatives that would address the client's goals. There is no sense writing an app from scratch if its more prudent to just customize and implement a working, viable software set.

It otherwise makes perfect sense to have us custom design, produce and implement software and processes since we're conceptually adept, insightfully interpret requirements, and deliver forward looking enduring applications.
Designed, Developed, Produced or Implemented
Accounting variations:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger et al
  • Payroll
Association Management
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Project Management
Distribution: Tools, Equipment, Repairs
Email Notification / Document Processes
Food Distribution Online:
  • Online Orders
  • Shelf re-order via tablet
  • Tablet sales promotions
Fresh Produce & Seafood Distribution
Hotel Bookings and Reservations
IDs / Secure Area Badging (Federal)
Insurance Enrollment and Billing
Limousine Reservations / Dispatching
Logistics, Warehouse and Storage
  • Circuit Boards
  • Custom Blinds
  • Extrusion
  • General MRP
  • Peening
Medical Billing
Nursery Management
  • Greenhouse
  • Landscaper Services
  • Plant Info
  • Retail Order
  • Wholesale
Online Forms Design & Proofing
Personnel Scheduling
Point of Sale
Print Shop Fulfillment
Project Management / Accounting
Remote Delivery Authetication
Rental Equipment Leasing
SMS Routing / Response Processes
Tour Bus Reservations / Management
XUL Desktop Application Launcher
RFID Applications:
  • Central Tool Rooms
  • Checkpoint Operations
  • Holographic Greeting
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Industrial Site Trailers
  • Loyalty Applications
  • Manufacturing Process Routing
  • Marine Storage Fuel Dispenser
  • Movement Tracking
  • Original SpeedpassTM Consulting
  • Piped Content Routing
  • Tool Accountability (USMil)
  • Vehicle/Personnel Access
Access Control / Security
  • Customer Service Kiosks
  • Entity Watch Lists
  • Evidence Tracking
  • Mobile ID Verification
  • Vehicle License Plate OCR
  • Visitor Building Access
  • Visitor Building Tours
  • Visitor Centers (USMil)
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